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BRAINOIL (Death Of This Dry Season) LP

BRAINOIL's self-titled debut, released in 2003 via Life Is Abuse Records, was one of the best sludge records of that decade. One of the reasons for this is that BRAINOIL know how to write memorable songs without losing the uncomfortable attitude that is so important for this kind of heavy music. The debut album was chock-full of hate and filth and BRAINOIL never tried to hide the hardcore punk influence in their music. By the way, the same is valid for the excellent split CD with Cruevo that was released one year earlier. No wonder then that I was really glad when I received the news that 20 Buck Spin will release the new BRAINOIL album 'Death Of This Dry Reason' in 2011.

But after listening to the new record, I must admit that I feel distinctly underwhelmed by the included seven songs. In principle, 'Death Of This Dry Season' is no rubbish, but I have the impression that BRAINOIL have lost a great deal of their identity. In the meantime, they sound as if they have listened to bands such as Weedeater pretty often. This is particularly noticeable when BRAINOIL slow down the tempo. Well, there are worse influences than Weedeater, but was that really necessary? In addition, the songs are not as strong as on the self-titled debut. On the surface everything sounds pretty good, but basically everything is pretty generic. Fortunately, BRAINOIL did not lose their crusty hardcore punk elements but in this case as well, they adapted themselves to the standardized crispy crusty sound that is popular nowadays. To me, 'Death Of This Dry Season' is a faceless record and the biggest musical letdown in 2011 so far.