BOTTOM (Feels So Good When You're Gone) CD

BOTTOM are a female three-piece from NYC and this is their second release, after the self-financed debut "Made in Voyage" back in 1999 on their own label MUDFLAP Rec. I hadn't the chance to listen to their first CD, but BOTTOM received a lot of very good reviews from all over the world for it. BOTTOM are ultra- heavy, dark and angry, mostly very brutal and total massive. All nine tracks will roll over you like a steamroller, but there's enough varity. Tracks like "Got Meth." or "Meatbuzz" are devastating. Extreme dynamics and a brutal Doom-laden sludge sound seems to destroy my speakers .Some songs like the opener "" are filled with a groovy 70's Heavyrock vibe, but BOTTOM are also influenced by HELMET , BUZZOV-EN or maybe GWAR. They use a lot of distortion, but they still write catchy tunes like "Tower: XVI "( one of the killer-tracks !) or "Forever Gone".

BOTTOM create their own heavy blend out of these influences and you can hear, that they are a well-oiled energetic machine. They've toured a lot in the USA, lived for a while in a van and shared the stage with bands like SPIRIT CARAVAN. Another thing I like to mention are the vocals of Sina, who's also responsible for all lyrics. They are changing from an agressive style to a more melodic way, but she sings very soulful and with a lot of passion. She put a melody into some of this sonic monoliths and it's an interesting contrast. Billy Anderson has given this album the right production... very very low and dirty but with enough space for the small musical details in BOTTOM's music. This is a mind-blowing album and it grows with every listening. Get a copy of it before BOTTOM will be in Europe in September / October 2001, and it must be amazing to listen to this wall of sound live. Check out BOTTOM's website or contact the label MAN'S RUIN/RISE ABOVE RECORDS.