This is the first 7" from this Danish band, released by Raw Birth Records in 2012. You'll find bulldozing sludge with lots of heavy riffs, a bit of doom, and the necessary hostility. Not only the cover artwork recalls memories of EyeHateGod, but also the two tracks. But that doesn't really matter, because BOTTOM FEEDER are passionate about what they do. Both songs are really good, and especially the raw throaty vocals complete the overall evil atmosphere. 'Divine Heritage' is a fine mid-tempo cut with some nice asmospheric guitar parts which demonstrate that BOTTOM FEEDER did not run out of ideas.

'Out Of The Ashes' is the second track, and again the vocals drip with venom while the thick, dreary riffs cut like a rusty knife. This is also one of those bands that are able to come up with the simplest of riffs that still make you clench your fists. Overall, it ain't breaking down the walls, pushing the boundaries, or daring to go where no man has gone before, but it more importantly has the hooks, drive, energy and the filth that makes a good sludgy 7". Added to this is the fact that both songs are so well done that it is worth looking for BOTTOM FEEDER. The only drawback is that there is no lyric sheet, but there are worse situations in the world. Anyway, this two-tracker is a pretty decent start. Track it down.