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BORIS (Amplifier Worship) CD

The mysterious Japanese band BORIS is always good for a hard to digest surprise, and so it's with this album, that is a re-release on Southern Lord Records. First off, thanks a lot for it, because nearly all their releases are impossible to find. In contrary to "Absolutego", we got five songs here, but some of them climb easily on the 15 minutes mark. The sound is more weighty and harder as on "Absolutego" and BORIS have included a few more uptempo parts. It's still difficult to pigeonhole, to describe the music of BORIS, but I'll try it. It's obvious, that band is influenced by early Melvins and Earth are playing an important part in the BORIS cosmos, too. There are some eastern hypnotic rhythmic trance parts interwoven into the ultra-heavy and monstrous sound, as in songs like "Ganbow-ki" or "Hama". The last track "Vomitself" is an excellent example for pure sludge-drone and it offers an atmospheric conclusion.

The entire production of "Amplifier Worship" is super-thick and very transparent and every riff is like a punch of Mike Tyson. Bass and guitar are downtuned to the deepest tones and the exotic sounding singing gives a more strange atmosphere to BORIS. I like this album much more, than "Absolutego", because it offers more variety and there are more different styles combined like, Psych, Noise and Punk. All in all it's a typical Southern Lord high-quality release, and highly recommandable for all open-minded Cosmic Lava readers. For more infos check out the BORIS homepage and visit Southern Lord.