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BORIS (Absolutego) CD

A heavy sonic ambience and unique soundscapes like  EARTH is the creation of the Japanese band BORIS.But they sound more industrial with all this electronic sounds in the song and after ca. 22 min, the band starts with a monumental, devastating ultra-heavy riff that reminds me to the MELVINS. Some sick vocals enriches this riff and the band starts to rock, but not in the typical way. After ten minutes this part goes over into a feedback orgy with a very low and heavy bass-line and the whole track gets slower.The last twelve minutes are sounding, as if a huge fly is in your speakers. But you have to listen for yourself , because "Absolutego" is 65:34 min. long and this pure heavy riff-droning bombast isn't to describe with words..

BORIS have also worked together with Japanese experimental electronic artists like MERZBOW and they've released more music on different albums, split cd's and singles since 1997. But, as far as I know all this stuff was only put out in Japan. "Absolutego" is a re-release on SOUTHERN LORD REC. with a new artwork and contains one bonustrack "Dronevil", but this one is much shorter (7:50 min) and it's pure electronic droning. I like this album and for the few listeners, who care about SUNN 0)), EARTH and experimental ambient sounds should listen to this unique album. For more informations visit BORIS and order "Absolutego" from SOUTHERN LORD.