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BORGO PASS (Slightly Damaged) MCD

With this new release NYC's BORGO PASS have done a big step forward. Their self-released debut was a solid album that knows to entertain with its own blend of 90's rock (Soundgarden etc.) and Sabbath-heaviness. Here on this, once again, self-released five song CD they've turned their sound into a darker direction and mixed it up with a little bit of Down or Sixty Watt Shaman. Just listen to the melancholic and doomy "Shame" or the atmospheric "Razorline". The heavy groovin' "SteelBloodAcidGod" represents more the aggressive side of BORGO PASS, especially vocalwise. The other two songs "I've been down" and "Camaro Crash Helmet" are nothing special for me, although they've also got their "moments".

The rough and soulful vocals of James Tamarazzo are giving the right depth to the personal lyrics and I think, that BORGO PASS have found an own identity with "Slightly Damaged" and they have grown to a strong musical unit. And due to the fact that they have played several gigs in their hometown New York, they must be an energetic live band. "Slightly Damaged" offers nothing really "new" (and what is REALLY new today!), but it's an emotional musical rock-out in nearly twenty minutes with enough depth and variety. So,if you've got the chance to get this CD-EP than do it. For actual activities about BORGO PASS visit the website and go to the gigs.