BORGO PASS (Powered By Sludge) CD

New York is still a place where some good bands like SLOW HORSE or BOTTOM are around and BORGO PASS is another heavy band that comes out of the big apple. "Powered By Sludge" is their self-financed debut but don't get confused with the name and the album title...

BORGO PASS have nothing in common with acts like GRIEF or EYEHATEGOD. They combine elements of 80's and early 90's Hardrock (some call it "grunge") from acts like GRUNTRUCK or SKINYARD with 70's Heavyrock and a little bit from the heaviness of BLACK FLAG. "Meat Wallet" is a very powerful and catchy opener and one of the best tracks from the whole album.

But a song like "Beer Garden" is very relaxed, filled with a 70's Progressive Heavy Rock vibe or, as the last example, "Afterbirth or Kitchen" which is a bluesy and melancholic song and all in all BORGO PASS are playing their heavy music with a lot of passion and some good song ideas. All in all I must say that "Powered By Sludge" is a solid album and you can order it directly from the BORGO PASS website.