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During 2007, I received a lot of demo stuff from new heavy bands, which are coming from the UK. Among this groups is BOMB THE SUN, and their kind of rock, is strongly influenced from Josh Homme's style of playing. Needless to say, that this four guys have also integrated other influences, but obviously, Queens Of The Stone Age did left a lot of footprints here, especially in the first half of the demo. The songs are always starting very mellow and the guitars need their time, until the first heavy chord is coming. Aa a result, BOMB THE SUN play very long songs, mostly over ten minutes, which aren't really made for a wild party, but more for a relaxed bong-session. There are moments, when it's exciting to hear, how the band is creating their sonic sculptures as they do it in the song 'Bombay', but very often, I feel also very bored by the always returning same-sounding vocals, who doesn't appear very often and the long-winding themes, no matter if I smoke pot or not.

In opposite to the guys of the Ninehertz webzine, BOMB THE SUN don't manage to hold my interest for half the time of the demo. For my taste, the first three songs are too pointless and I miss the ability in entertaining and hypnotizing the listener over a longer distance. They can do much better, and the above mentioned 'Bombay' shows, that BOMB THE SUN do compose better arranged songs. The instrumental song 'Deh Na' is also a good example for their talent in writing more remarkable songs, and does remind me to the one and only Colour Haze. They have also added an organ here, what makes the song more interesting. BOMB THE SUN causes a twisted feeling in me; during the first three songs, I feel just bored, while the remaining three songs are very promising.