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The new CD from this total unique band from Germany includes nine songs and it's not easy to describe their music. It's dark and heavy, but not in the sense of loud down-tuned guitars or something like this. They use drums,piano,bass and a sax to create beautiful hypnotic and melancholic soundscapes. All songs are instrumentals and they are very slow with a slight Jazztouch, which reminds me to the dark 50's Miles Davis stuff. Songtitles like "Nightwolf" or "Midnight Walker" are giving a good impression of the atmosphere of this songs. It's the perfect soundtrack for walking at midnight through your rainy hometown and thinking 'bout your life. BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE started in 1992, influenced by bands like BLACK SABBATH or SAINT VITUS and different soundtracks. Out of this comes this very relaxed melancholic mixture that has nothing in common with easy listening. It's warm atmospheric music for everybody who is open minded enough for intense, heavy and emotional music. I think BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE are more doomier, than most of the newer bands claim it to be! Watch out for them...it´s great music.