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BLOWBACK (Morning Wood) CD

It's been two years ago, when I wrote a review about the debut release from the Swedish band BLOWBACK. This was a split album with Asteroid, but I wasn't filled with enthusiasm about their songs. The performance was good and solid, but I missed an own identity or something to remember after the end of the disc. Now two years later I listen to the first full-length album, which has been released in 2008 through the record label Record Heaven. When I first threw it on I have to say that I was a little bored for the first couple minutes, but after the CD started picking up momentum I started to dig it quite a bit. They've written better songs and especially 'Yesterday is Gone', an acoustic psych-folk song is simply beautiful. The strongest influence here comes from the 1970's, played with a modern edge. So BLOWBACK can be compared to bands like Dozer, Unida and Brain Police, although their songs aren't that strong, but they're also aware of the mighty groove. 'Morning Wood' contains twelve songs, but three of them are live recordings. It's interesting to listen to BLOWBACK's live sound, which is raw, heavy and dirty and it would be a cool idea to record a complete live album. I was really surprised when I noticed who was responsible for the mixing and mastering of 'Morning Wood' - no other than Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity) was the man behind the desk. Of course, the entire sound is vintage as fuck but what else would you expect from a band like this? People who can't get enough of groove-driven 70's heavy rock should check out BLOWBACK immediately.