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BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS / WYTCHKRAFT (Horror In The Grave / At The Satanic Mass) Split-7" EP

Some split-releases differs drastically in quality but Metal Coven Records is always good in picking up some good underground bands. Hailing from Italy, BLOOD THIRSTY DEMONS deliver ravaging and raw Heavy Metal and although this guys wear corpse-paint, their sound has nothing in common with Black Metal. Both tracks, entitled 'Horror' and 'In the Grave' are closer to bands like Ripper or Hell f.e., because they share the same kind of Horror-drenched attitude. The other side features WYTCHKRAFT from Brasil and their song 'At the Satanic Mass' kicks off with a nice intro, which is from an old witchploitation movie, but I don't remember which one. Their sound is also deeply rooted in obscure Heavy metal, but there's also a slight Punk-influence , what I really like. I appreciate the fact this WYTCHKRAFT don't care about any current trends and I suppose they never will. Only the production could've been better, but so it's still an authentic and interesting underground recording. At least one question: how often can you vary the name Witchcraft? Once again a good Split-7" from Metal Coven that is limited to only 525 copies!