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BLOOD RED WATER (Tales Of Addiction And Despair) MCD

Italy doesn't spring immediately to mind when I think of sludge. To change that, BLOOD RED WATER have been formed in 2010 and this is their first 5-song debut, aptly titled 'Tales Of Addiction And Despair'. It's fitting, because each of the five songs spreads as much good mood as a car crash. The riffs stumble and crawl through a filthy bath of distortion, switching between medium and higer speed while the vocals possess a degree of similarity to Thomas Gabriel Fischer (aka Tom Warrior).

While listening to 'Tales Of Addiction And Despair', I always notice that BLOOD RED WATER have injected a big dose of doom metal into their hostile blend. The most obvious influences include Wino-era Saint Vitus and Electric Wizard, but there are also references to non-doom metal bands such as Grief and Hellhammer.

It is evident, that BLOOD RED WATER try to create their own thing, but this is only partly successful. This is primarily related to the fact that there is a critical shortage of real good riffs and song ideas. There is also a lack of dynamism what leads to the fact that their music sounds a bit too lifeless and static. However, maybe this is the band's intention and I missed the point. If that is so - well, then BLOOD RED WATER succeded. However, they need better songs, because otherwise BLOOD RED WATER will disappear in the pool of like-minded bands. But that does not mean that their debut is crap - it's just a little bit too embryonic.