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This unearthing of a lesser known Hellhound Records band proves once more that Hellhound were the most important Doom Metal label in the 1990's. Originally released in 1995 the BLOOD FARMERS injected a massive dose of early 70's heavy rock into their brute vision of Black Sabbath-styled Doom Metal and created accidental their very own authentic sound, that it wouldn't been accurate to call them a retro band. It was more as if time has forgot them over the decades, and their mysterious image, which has been taken from obscure 70's horror movies, reinforced that first impression. Not to forget their extensive band/thanks list inside the original booklet, where you could discover some real unknown heavy rock bands from the 70's. But this band was formed in New York in 1989, and it's really sad, that they only recorded this album until now. Today it's not easy to find this unique masterpiece, but once again Leaf Hound Records showed interest in the BLOOD FARMERS, especially because they already released the early demo stuff from the band, entitled 'Permanent Brain Damage'. Finally in 2008 here's the re-mastered re-issue of this mighty album, and everyone who missed to buy this album in 1994 can stop the hunt for it.

The spirit of the 70's hovers dominantly over the raw, bluesy vocals of Eli Brown and the bleak, crushing killer riffs of guitarist Dave Depraved, while the rhythm section builds a solid pulse. The band's ability to create pictures and morbid atmospheres is at times breathtaking and still fascinating. BLOOD FARMERS also had a great talent in changing the pace when necessary or to integrate a brutal groove, not to forget Dave Depraved's excessive guitar freak-outs that have more to offer than the well-known Doom Metal standards. The order of the songs is different from the original release, but this makes a lot of sense, because now the album sounds more coherent than before. It also emphasizes the darkness of this album, which is as black as fresh molten tar. The album contains also an instrumental bonus track, and I suppose that it's 'Awakenings of the Beast Pt. I', which is the very last BLOOD FARMERS recording. Fortunately, the band is back again, and now we can only hope that they will enter the studio again to record their second album. Meanwhile, you should buy this monster of an album which is a must-have for every Doom Metal fan.