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BLIND DOG (The Last Adventures Of Captain Dog) 2LP/CD

Finally, People Like You Records have released this masterpiece in a double vinyl-edition with gatefold sleeve for the European market. The first time, when I have noticed the heavy Swedish power trio BLIND DOG, it was back in 1997, when I get a copy of the "Burn One Up!" compilation. The band was featured with the song "Lose" and it was one of the best tracks on this compilation. After this, BLIND DOG released in 1998 a single on Warpburner and one year later, this self-produced and self-released album saw the light of day, packaged in a completely different cover artwork. But to all our luck, Meteor City had taken care about the debut and, now in 2001, it's no problem to get this mind-blowing album. Like most of you know, there are some real fantastic bands in the Swedish underground like The Satellite Circle, Grand Magus, Backdraft or Half Man and BLIND DOG belongs to this top ten.

This album contains all of the songs, BLIND DOG have been released on other labels. Every time, I listen to this album I can´t believe, that BLIND DOG are a three-piece. It seems as if you can hear five guitars and five basses, with so much energy and drive BLIND DOG are performing their high quality blend of 70's influenced doom-laden heavy metallic Bluesrock. The whole album is variable, the songs are ranging from Doom ("Fields Like My Mind") to Folk-influenced tunes like "When I'm Finally Gone" or the fast and thunderous songs like the opening tracks "Thundergroove" and "10.000 Reasons". The intense vocals of bassist Tobias Nilson are fantastic and form a strong unit together with the creative and solid guitar-playing and a drummer, who is responsible for some incredible grooves. Furthermore, the production is one of the best I've heard during this year 2001. To sum it up, this is a monster of an album and a must- have for everyone. If you want to read more about the way, the band recorded "The Last Adventures. . ." check out the highly informative and personal liner notes inside of the cover. I hope, this won't be the last adventures of BLIND DOG, and I'm really excited about the things that maybe come up next.