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BLIND DOG (Captain Dog Rides Again) CD

Yep, the Captain returns with a new album and I'm very happy about this fact, because the debut "The Last Adventures Of Captain Dog" is still a pretty good record, and I was excited when I put the new one in the player. First thing, I've noticed is that the production is different from the forerunner, and Swedish BLIND DOG have focused more on the early 70's, without being mutated into a pure retro-band, though every member of BLIND DOG has learned his 70's lesson very well. Just check out "Follow The Fools", where this three-piece takes the listener through a trip through 70's Hard-Prog and Heavy Blues, very close to cult acts like the mighty 70's US-band Captain Beyond f.e. There are a few other songs ("Back Off"), where the band has incorporated a cool and jazzy middle-part with an additional E-piano.

In other tracks, they are using Hendrix-styled parts, like in the opener "Don't Ask Me Where I Stand" or "There Must Be Better Ways Of Losing Your Mind". But this wouldn't be BLIND DOG, if they haven't not included some straight forward rockin' and rollin' tracks as the fast "Iron Cage", that could have been also on the first album. While bassist and vocalist Tobias Elenvik reminds me on the first album more to P. Anselmo, this times his voice is closer to Janne ( Grand Magus & Spiritual Beggars). To be honest, sometimes I miss the spontaneous and overwhelming energy of "The Last Adventures Of Captain Dog", but if you like to listen to a "straighter version" of BLIND DOG, than I give you the advice to get a hold on "Captain Dog Rides Again". The album has been released for the US on MeteorCity Records and for Europe through Listenable Records.