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BLENDED SKY (Introduction To Liquid Space Time) MCD-R

BLENDED SKY are a strange bastard. When you only read the title of this demo, you may associate it with space rock or psychedelic stuff, but BLENDED SKY have not much in common with that. I'm not sure, if they have such a strange sound, because they can't afford a professional studio recording, or maybe that's the way, how they exactly wanted to sound. Sometimes, the vocals of Jack Grants and a few of the riffs, especially this heavy buzzsaw sound of the guitar, reminds me more than one time to early Hellhammer. While listening to the here included five songs, I'm not sure, what to think and to write about this band.

It's good, that it seems, as if BLENDED SKY shows no interest in current trends, because their Hellhammer-influence is only marginal. So they are very different to bands like High On Fire or Lair Of The Minotaur. For the case, that the wanted to have a total different sound, and the demo is more like an accident, I really ask myself, why they released it. In the year 2007, it's no problem to hear music in the web,and so I give you the advice to visit the band's myspace site, to get an own impression of their music. Somehow, I'm fascinated....