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The most influencal band for doom-laden kind heavy rock, played in its heaviest ways and the main reason for the exsistence of this webzine, is back with a re-release of the "Live At Last" album with a bonus disc, which is a compilation of several live recordings from the 70's. It's the first time that some of the tracks are offical released and for every fan it's an essential listening to live recordings of "Hole In The Sky" or "Megalomania". It's still amazing to listen to the forceful crushing tightness and the mighty heaviness, this band has created on stage.Another surprise is the live version of "Black Sabbath", that starts with a long folky guitar-intro and bursts out into the well- known first shuddering power-chord.

"Live At Last" isn't unknown to listeners, who are familiar with the history of the band. Originally it was released in 1980 after a ten-year dispute between band and former manager. It's the only offical live album of the the original line-up and, although the sound-quality wasn't the best , it belongs still to my faves since a lot of years, not only of the twenty minutes version of "Wicked World". Now in 2002, the album was remastered and the quality is much better than on the original album. The digi-pack cover of "Past Lives" is very tasteful, with a lot of live pics of the early days and the legendary California Jam festival, extensive liner-notes and, not to forget the poster with an old s/w photo of the band and a plektrum. Aside of it ,"Past Lives" is an interesting and informative release for every fan of the band, and there are some unknown powerful live-versions of the legendary songs. Get in touch with the past!