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Unfortunately I missed the 3-song demo from BLACK PYRAMID, a new US-band that consists of ex-members from Artimus Pyledriver, Palace In Thunderland and Black Fucking Doom, but thanks to the new label Electric Earth, who release this 7". So I have the pleasure to listen to 'Visions of Gehenna', a song that has been also on the demo. It would be a fault to expect anything new, but this catchy combination of Sleep and Earthride is simply irresistible. Heavy, belligerent and absolutely powerful, BLACK PYRAMID wield the kind of mammoth riffs that make you want to stomp like godzilla across your house. And it's not only the weighty riff, but the whole arrangements of the song that unfolds an addictive effect on the listener. Some of the guitar passages are real clever, especially because this is not only a boring repetition of the crushing main riff. Guitarist and vocalist Andy Beresky's adding a few psychedelic tones to the song what makes it just more interesting. The second track 'Caravan' is more melancholic and a further proof for the band's talent in writing varied themes instead of following always the same formula. The fat production of both songs is absolutely powerful and thick like molten tar. Now I really hope, it won't take too long until BLACK PYRAMID will finally record their first full-length, because this is very promising...and, this 7" is strictly limited to 500 copies!