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This demo has been released two years ago in 2002, but it's still worth to lose some words about. Not only the cover-artwork reminds me to the genius Eyehatgod, but the sound too. BIG YELLOW MAMA can be described as a doom-driven sludge band, but they are definitly no brainless copy cats from the above mentioned NOLA godz. "Pride Of Dixie" contains only two songs, recorded in a living room (!), and that's the only low point here. No, not the living room, but the entire quality. This is a low-fi recording, and that's very sad because both tracks are really great. "I won't miss you" is a solid raw and brutal mid-tempo cut with a powerful up-tempo part in the middle what makes the whole track just more entertaining.

The second one is titled "A.M. and a loaded gun" and due to the title  one can't expect something nice and uplifting. AsthmaGoat's vocals are like acid, dropping on your eardrums, while slow crushing riffs and hammering drum beat wills surely wake up some buried rotten corpses. A promising debut and be sure that BIG YELLOW MAMA will place their name on the map, but for this step they need a proper production (although I have to admit that the sound of this demo underlines their nihilistic asthetics!). Two extra points for the tasteful cover-artwork!