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BIBILIC BLOOD (Pale Face Destroyer) CD

Scott Stearns is definitely one of my favourite cover artists of this decade. His nasty, apokalyptic drawings can be found on releases from bands as, for example, Rue, Nunslaughter or Rammer and are perfectly suitable for brutal and heavy music. But Scott Stearns is also active as a musician and he was involved in numerous groups and projects. BIBILIC BLOOD is his recent band, where he, together with Suzy Psycho (bass/vocals), follows the path of sonic destruction. 'Pale Face Destroyer' is their second self-released abomination (in that case it is meant positively) and for me one of the highlights in 2010 in terms of radicalness. This album is like a peyote ritual that went wrong and it makes you feel as if you're sitting alone at night in the Death Valley National Park, where you are surrounded by evil Native American Indian ghosts. If you can't imagine those creatures just take a look at the great cover artwork.

'Pale Face Destroyer' consists of eleven tracks which will put your nerves to the test. The reason for this is that BIBILIC BLOOD are masters of monotony and joylessness. All this is complemented by a recording quality that ranges from a lo-fi style to an exceptionally powerful sound. The riffs are simple, but at the same time very heavy, while the rhythms are rudimentary and free from any kind of groove. If you think that the female vocals would breathe new life into the songs then you're very much mistaken there. Suzy Psycho's clear vocals, which are deeply buried in the mix, create a rather mysterious and bizarre atmosphere. There are a few tempo changes here and there, but mostly BIBILIC BLOOD trudges along at a solid mid-tempo pace. Sometimes there are fragments of guitar solos such as is the case in the opening track 'Ghost Moth'.

'Tourniquet' is crushingly heavy and unbelievably raw as well as the whole album. There are a few samples between or within the tracks ('Nightmare Bitch') that increase the feeling of a drug-induced fever dream. 'Pale Face Destroyer' also includes two Neil Young cover songs ('Southern Man' and 'Love'), but it's absolutely impossible to recognise the original versions, because BIBILIC BLOOD's treatment is merciless and ruthless. I really like their versions, but I imagine that Neil Young fans will break into tears. There are no highlights and no lowlights just a continuous onslaught of floor shaking sounds. 'Pale Face Destroyer' is an unpleasant album and it puts you in an awkward position, but this is exactly what I like about it. In addition, it reminds me to the criminally underrated Nightstick, who also managed to create exactly the same bleak atmosphere. Highly recommended!