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What can I expect from a band with such a monstrous name like BASTARD OF THE SKIES? Surely, they won't play mellow folk rock or psychedelic pop, but some sort of heavy music, which is made to scare the shit out of your little sister. And yes, BASTARD OF THE SKIES is not that kind of band, who is interested in hypnotizing the listener with sweet grooves and a relaxed atmosphere. This UK trio is powered by adrenaline and aggression, and none of the here included three songs gives you time to rest or to calm down. It's heavy shit, a nasty sludgy motherfucker that's similar to High On Fire and early Neurosis, but their brutal sound is also heading into a different direction, what means that this band is trying to create something, that stands on its own feet.

For my taste, this guys are doing their best in finding an own identity, and this demo is more than just a good start. Their energy level is immense, and it's hard to believe, that BASTARD OF THE SKIES have been formed in the beginning of 2006, and not five years ago, because everything here is very professional. They have interesting arrangements, an energetic drummer who's beating the shit out of his drums, a guitarist, with powerful vocals and a bass-player who fills every hole in their sound with his massive tone. BASTARD OF THE SKIES are hungry enough to push themselves to a bright future, and I will observe their further steps.