Hailing from Italy, Barbara Rubin is a classical trained musician and composer with a great predilection for rock. 'Under The Ice' is her debut in 2010 where she is complemented by a couple of guest musicians. Emotionally and musically intense, 'Under The Ice' is such a beautiful, well thought, and very deep album. There are elements of progressive rock, classic and pop that form a harmonious unit. The songs have a mystical quality and prove that she's not only a passionate singer, but also a very talented pianist and violinist.

What particularly appealed to me is the variety of the eleven tracks. The songs are all clearly different from each other, in style and tempo and instrumentation. 'Under The Ice' has similarities to Tori Amos and Kate Bush, but Barbara Rubin doesn't try to curry favour. 'Stupid Day' is one of the most dreamy songs of the album with additional male vocals, while 'Liar' and 'No More Tears' shows her preference for progressive rock, including a couple of synth lines that remind me of Yes and Rick Wakeman.

With the exception of 'Ero e Sono' all songs are sung in English, but I wouldn't mind if she had used her native language. Barbara Rubin is definitely an acquired taste, and I wouldn't recommend this CD to everyone. But I really like 'Under The Ice', because it spreads a pleasing, thoughtful atmosphere and owns more individuality than most of the overrated, monotonous musical bullshit that you'll find in the next record store.