BANGTWISTER (The Moon On A Stick) CD

Now re-issued by Beard Of Stars Records, this album has been originally released back in February 2003 as vinyl album on Trepanner Headmusic and it was the only full-length of this UK heavy-psych outfit. Shortly after the album release BANGTWISTER split and today two of the ex-members are part in the line-up of Macrocosmica, which are featured inside this webzine with their last album. BANGTWISTER were formed in 1996 in Glasgow, out of the ashes of an unknown garage combo and while listening to the album I wonder, why BANGTWISTER have released only one album. "The Moon On A Stick" is an heavy psychedelic retro rock albums, deeply rooted in the 60's. But this guys aren't only influenced from Westcoast bands as The Byrds or Jefferson Airplane or the Southern-based 13th Floor Elevators.

Apart of all psychedelic influences, there's more to discover. Legendary 70's bands as May Blitz, Zior or Grand Funk Railroad have left their footprints here, while the clear vocals are giving a stronger 60's feeling to the songs. I really love this album, when the band creates beautiful psychedelic anthems ("Downside Up") or the outstanding "Sleepwalking" with different mood and tempo changes, but I feel a strong urge to push the 'stop' button, when BANGTWISTER starts with this sort of fast and trashy R'n'R stuff as in the second half of "Rave-Up". The additional three bonus tracks, which are taken from diverse hard-to-find issues are showing BANGTWISTER with a stronger MC 5/Stooges vibe, and are no bonus crap. Apart of my personal problem, I really like this album, and I give all of you 60's and 70's retro freaks the advice to check it out.