I really wonder, why the US-based band BALERO is looking for a singer. If they would look for another name.....well, ok.... but their sound is so powerful and riff-based, that it stands absolutely on ist own heavy feet. The back of the cover shows a picture from the desert, and that's the right place, where this music should be played. But in opposite to bands, who are mainly influenced by Kyuss and comrades, BALERO incoporated a stronger metal-edge to their bluesy compositions.

The result is a pounding riff-o-rama, a feast of groove-laden heaviness, which will never turn out too cheesy or pop-ish. Whenever useful, BALERO throw in some badass riffs, and tracks like 'El Mere' or the hypnotic 'Well Look Who It Is' are just two of my faves among the included four cuts.  Again I wonder, how they will sound with a singer in the line-up, but this good produced demo is a proof, that they can do it also without. Thumbs up for BALERO, and I wouldn't be surprised when we will hear more from them in the future.....