BAD WIZARD (Sophisticated Mouth) CD

Here's the second full-length of BAD WIZARD , again on Tee Pee Records, and the band has opened up their high enery heavy rock'n'roll to a wider spectrum of the 70's. The spirit of the Motor City is still with the band, and from Ted Nugent to MC 5 you'll find all the essences of early heavy rock in this album. But with songs as "Loosen Up!", they have discovered the funk and the organ-based "Needle 2 Groove" is the most soulful spiritual song of this NYC-based band. The album includes a cover-version, not MC's the Uriah Heep song "Love Machine", with authentic hammand organ sounds in the background.The rough and charismatic vocals of lead singer Curtis would perfectly fit into every 60's Blues Rock band. To compare them with bands as today's sounding Hellacopters, BAD WIZARD's rock and roll is dirtier and heavier, but with the same good taste for hooklines and burning guitar duels. Maybe, that's one of the reasons, why "Sophisticated Mouth" sounds fresher and stronger than the forerunner album. With Tina, a second guitarplayer is on board and she gives more pressure into the sound. Sadly, songs as the opener "Hurricane" f.e. are just well-played typical Hardrock but there are enough songs, that are simply great. And therefore, that this band only exsists sine 1999 they've matured in the last three years to a serious hard hittin band that has reached the major-league of 70's heavy soulful rock 'n' roll. This album got definitly class and quality and therefore, I give all you Rockers out there the advice to check it out. For songs and informations go to the Tee Pee website. The party starts now!