BAD WIZARD (Free And Easy) LP/CD

Nowadays, there are a lot of bands which are refer to MC5 but only a very few are more than only a heartless copy. THE BAD WIZARD belongs to the better ones.Out of the naked city (aka NYC) comes this steamy and sweaty bullet, which knows to impress me with its heavy rockin' mixture of MC5, AC/DC and very early Blue Cheer. While listening through the whole nine tracks, there's not much place to take a breath or something like this. This album will rock your soul and shake your ass, especially when you dig about High Energy Detroit Rock. The lead singer got this typical "white boy soul voice" , of course not as brilliant and charismatic as the MC5 frontman Rob Tyner (god bless his soul) but he's doing a very good job. The rest of band is performing also very well and they come up with good breaks and nice ideas. Although BAD WIZARD aren't inventing something new you can feel their honest passion and the raw power (!) that is shining through "Free And Easy". There's no real sense in writing about single songs, because all are on the same good level. My only point of critic is about the production. I think it sounds a little bit to clean and polished. But all in all, this is a very recommandable album for everyone who wants to hear rock 'n' roll in its most energetic way. It has been released on Tee Pee Records, so check it out!