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Rock 'n' Roll Radio Records is back with a new 10", and again, they prove their good taste, although I must say, that BAD PREACHERS don't really convince me with their heavy badass punk. All five songs are well-played, and they are better than a few other bands in this genre, but after a while I only find this kind of music boring. Maybe I should drink a bottle of whiskey, before I put the needle into the groove, but I'm too old for such silly games. BAD PREACHERS are playing the right sound for a wild summer open-air festival, and I guess, I would like 'em more than, but after the first song here, I had enough. IRONBOSS are a totally different beast, and it's been a long time ago, since I heard anything new from this Maryland-based band. Their mixture of 70's Hardrock, Boogie and Rock 'n' Roll is again irresistible, and I don't need any substances to stand up and play air-guitar to the here presented four songs. This is killer stuff and more honest than all this bloodless new bands, who use symbols like iron crosses, 8-balls, and other shit. The fourth song 'Walk like a man' is a very nice cover-version of the old Grand Funk Railroad song, and you can hear a guest appearance of Scott 'Wino' Weinrich, who is an old fan and long time friend of IRONBOSS. He doesn't make this song better, but it's nice to hear him on that tune. To cut it short: one average band and one very good band can be reason enough to buy this 10", or what do you think?