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BACKDRAFT (The Goddamn Man EP) CD-R

In Sweden aren't only bands, which worship 70's Detroit Rock or mid-90's Desert Rock One of these bands is the southern blues Rock outfit BACKDRAFT. Here's the third release from this Stockholm based band . They were formed back in 1997 and after a change in the line-up and a bunch of gigs, BACKDRAFT released this EP in October 2000. Aside the Southern Rock edge, I hear also influences from bands like RAGING SLAB, THE CULT or ALICE IN CHAINS. But let's go into details. "The Goddamn Man" contains four songs and the opener "The Goddamn Man" is a fine groovin number with a southern-blues vibe and hooks that stuck in your head for days. Next song is "Angels High" a groovy number with a nice Country influence, but it's still enough focused on the heavy riffs.

After that comes "See U Burn", a fine R'n'R song that reminds me to bands like ATP, especially the chorus. Last song is "Hillbilly Blues", my personal fave. A melancholic Blues rocker, with slide guitars and again the fine vocals from lead singer Jonas. BACKDRAFT are playing their Southern Rock very authentic, groovy and they've got the skills for it. The CD booklet contains all lyrics and comes with very nice live-pics. In May 2001 they will release the debut album "Here To Save You All" on LUNASOUND RECORDING and after this promising EP, I think it will be a strong debut. Chech out the BACKDRAFT website for more informations and order this recommandable uplifting CD for your next bar-b-q.