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BACKDRAFT (Here To Save You All) CD

Southern influenced Hardrock with a huge dose of R'n'R you can hear on the ten tracks of BACKDRAFT's debut full-length. For those who know the three CD-ep's, that were released in the last years, you will find some of the songs here again but they have been re-recorded and better produced. This kind of music can becoming pretty boring when it's been performed in a very traditional way, but BACKDRAFT got enough fire to make "Here To Save You All" to an enjoyable CD. These five guys got the skills and talent to bring us their kind of Rock in a refreshing and honest way. And they know how to groove, like in "El Rancho" that reminds me to early ZZ Top or the laid-back "Wicked Man". All in all it´s an entertaining album from a very talented band, and it's the right band for the next summer open-air.