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This album belongs to one of my personal highlights of this update. Finally, Guf Lorenzen (guitar/vocals) has found two other guys to complete a real line-up and BABY WOODROSE never sounded so strong as on the new album. The debut album "Blows Your Mind" received quite a lot of attention outside of Denmark, though I wasn't the biggest fan of this release. Maybe one of the reasons was, that G. Lorenzen played all the instruments and produced the record. I missed the feeling of listening to a real band. One of the new band members is also in the line-up of On Trial, like Lorenzen and the drummer played in an early version of The Raveonettes. To sum it up, everything has changed to its best and the result is simply beautiful and much heavier. It's very difficult to pick out this or that track, because there's no real filler on it, though tracks as "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" or "You Better Run" are sticking like glue in my head, since I've received the promo. BABY WOODROSE got the spirit of Psych veterans as the 13th Floor Elevators or The Seeds, but played with a heartfelt punk attitude and being influenced by many shades of rock 'n' roll, just to quote the label info, because it speaks the truth.

Just check out the Psych Pop pearl "Carrie". If you miss your beloved one, play it and the tears will wash away the pain. One thing, that still leaves me speachless are the vocals of Guf Lorenzen. In some moments, he's soooo close to Dave Wyndorf, that it's hard to believe it isn't himself. To make things short, "Money For Soul" is one of the best 60's-influenced records, that I've listen to in the last twelve month and it's the next prove, that On Trial isn't the only strong musical Psych force in Denmark. Highly recommandable! "Money For Soul" has been released through Bad Afro Records and for the last psychedelic news, go to the BABY WOODROSE homepage.