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Like On Trial, the previous band of BW guitarist/vocalist Lorenzo (where he was the skinsman), Baby Woodrose have decided to release an album with cover-versions of bands/musicians who have had a strong influence on their work. Four of the songs were recorded during the "Money For Soul" sessions in October 2002, while the additional six covers-versions were recorded when the group did some demos for their third album. Although I wished this excellent band had released the third album, "Dropout!" is a thoughtful high-quality collection and a perfect mix between unknown and well-known songs mostly from the 60's. They did covers of unknown 60's acts as The Painted Face, The Lollipop Shoppe ("Who's It Gonna Be"), The Savages and The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.

Especially "I Lost You In My Mind" (The Painted Face) ,"This World Ain't Round, It's Square" (The Savages) and "A Child Of A Few Hours (The WCPAE Band) are absolutely beautiful and sounding like outtakes from the last album "Money For Soul". The more famous bands, Baby Woodrose haven chosen songs from are Love, The 13th Floor Elevators, Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band, The Sonics, The Saints and The Stooges. But instead of taking the most known songs of this groups , and boring the listener with the 1325th version of  "I Wanna Be Your Dog", "(I'm) Stranded", "You're Gonna Miss Me" or  "Psycho" they've taken less known songs so that one can listen to "Can't Explain" (Love), "I Don't Ever Wanna Come Down" (The 13th Floor Elevators), "Dropout Boogie" (Captain Beefheart), "I'm Going Home" (The Sonics), "This Perfect Day" (The Saints) and "Not Right" (The Stooges).

My faves are "This Perfect Day" and "Not Right", but on this album is no filler, and due to the reason that every song sounds like an own composition of the band the album is not only very entertaining - no, it's a must have for all folks who dig this band and 60's garage rock and psychedelic music. At least, I wished Baby Woodrose had done a version of Captain Beefheart's "Zig-Zag Wanderer" that is from the same album like "Dropout Boogie", entitled "Safe As Milk".  To sum it up: highly recommandable and it will shorten the wait for the next Baby Woodrose album!