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BABY WOODROSE (Chasing Rainbows) LP/CD

When will Lorenzo Woodrose record an album, which is just average or boring? It's not that I'm begging for it or something like this. It's more, that whenever this man is involved in another group or he's recording something new with his own band BABY WOODROSE (not to forget all his other projects!), the result is always beautiful. So it's the same with 'Chasing Shadows', the sixth album in the history of one of Denmark's leading garage rock bands. BABY WOODROSE returned to their old label Bad Afro Records and in opposite to the last album 'Love Comes Down', which was more a straight Rock album with psychedelic undertones, the new one is very diversify but still coherent. The production is not very different to the debut album 'Blows Your Mind', what means that it's more garage rock and less polished than the third one. 'Chasing Rainbows' is an album with two faces.

The first part of the album is more psychedelic pop, but there's still this melancholic vibe, which is so typical for the group. I think, it was never a mistake to listen close to the band's lyrics, because they are profound and deal with uncomfortable feelings and sad events, without ignoring the fact that mostly there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Just listen to 'Lilith' or 'Let yourself go' and may you know, what I'm writing about. 'In your life' reminds me to the psychedelic period of The Beatles, especially 'Revolver' pops up in my mind, because BABY WOODROSE use tablas and a sitar, too. The last three songs of 'Chasing Rainbows' are very different to everything, the band recorded before. It's less rock, but more psychedelic and the complete mood becomes much darker and desperate.

For me, it's no surprise that BABY WOODROSE are also masters in this musical regions, because this is one of the pillars of their music. One shouldn't forget, that Lorenzo Woodrose was also the former drummer of On Trial, a band which sucked the essence of the 13th Floor Elevators with their mother milk. And with Pandemonica f.e., one of Lorenzo's solo-projects, he explores the infinite sonic space of black psychedelia. If you dig the previous BABY WOODROSE albums, you will love 'Chasing Rainbows', too, because the band shows that they haven't reached the end of their musical possibilities. The vinyl version comes in gatefold sleeve, but apart of that fact, it's just a wonderful piece of honest music.