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THE AWESOME MACHINE (Under The Influence) 2LP/CD

The second album of these Swedish heavy rockers so here we go. The first album was a good and solid album, but sadly without any real own identity except few moments. Now with this album, things have changed a little bit. Ok, there are still tracks like "Mother´s Gone", that sounds like a total Kyuss rip-off and I would better name it "Demoncleaner Pt 2". With those songs they aren´t really haven proven orginality and if they continue this way they will become one of those average Kyuss-clone bands. Another bad example are the songs "Under The Veil" and "Black Dove".

On the other side you find aggressive thunderous up-tempo rocker like the opener "Tomorrow" or "God Damn Evil". Of course, those songs don´t change anything, but they just kick-ass. "Emotion Water" is a groovy and relaxed psychedelic song, played in a ambitioues and well-known way. But there are also some real heavy killer riffs like in "One", the faster "Desire" or "Reincarnation". My personal fave is "Still Got No Share pt. 1 & 2", that contains a Fender Rhodes as well as trumpet and saxophone. Very 70´s styled, influenced from the early classic Heavy Prog bands. Part 1starts very mellow, but part 2 is an ultra heavy slow burner.

The whole album production was made at an old vintage studio from the early 70´s and the band had worked out a fat and natural sound. "Under The Influence" is for everyone who can´t get enough of Josh Homme riffage, but still enjoyable for all other listeners of heavy Blues-laden stoney Rock 'n' Roll. Maybe one or two further albums and THE AWESOME MACHINE are really awesome for my taste. The double-vinyl version will include remastered versions of the out of print 10" while the CD includes a multimedia videotrack from the song "Kick". The album will be released at the end of January 2002. The label is People Like You or visit: