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I'm a great fan of the other two Bitchwax records, but this one is their finest for me. Why? 'Cause this their heaviest and darkest album or something like that. It's not easy to describe, but something has changed a little bit. They are still "funky" and their musical skills are still much better than 90 percent of today's heavy rock bands. You can hear a re-recorded version of "Liquor Queen" , a cosmic cover-version of AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds..." or one my faves is the smooth "Get Your Gear". "Spit Blood" contains seven tracks and there's definitly no worse one on it. Ed Mundell is a something like a guitar-god and he's using the Bitchwax once again as a platform for his infinte talent.

Like on the other albums a few tracks are instrumentals and the CD`s includes a massive multimedia documentary with audio, video and text coverage of the "Spit Blood" recording process, along with interviews, links, discography and more stuff. Enough said, if you dig about the Bitchwax than you need to have this one and if you haven't listen to them then start with this one. This is a very very fine smoking record and higly recommandable (no phrase!). For more informations visit the People Like You homepage or the Meteor City homepage.