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TEE PEE RECORDS proves once again its good taste when it comes to groovin' 70's influenced Rock. After releasing the debut in 1999 here we have the new album from this New Jersey based band and I must say that it's stronger than the debut. The music still have a very spontaneous feel, like a jam sessions and is filled with good and interesting psychedelic ideas. The three musicians Keith Ackerman ( dr ), Chris Kosnik ( b,v ) and Ed Mundell ( g ) are highly talented and you can hear, that Ed Mundell has all the space for his guitar-playin', he can't do in MONSTER MAGNET and he's an amazing player. Like on the first album, some of the tracks are instrumental and with Warren Haynes ( ex-ALLMAN BROTHERS / now- GOV'T MULE ) they have invited a fine musician for the song "Smokescreen". There's again a cover-version on the album and this time it's " Play the Game " from ATOMIC ROOSTER. The whole production is powerful and although the band has a big 70's influence, I wouldn't describe their music as retro and that's good to hear. And it's no "stoner" Rock !!! So, get a hold of " II ", if you want to hear finest heavy groove Rock in the vein of GRAND FUNK RAILROAD etc. The vinyl version comes in heavy wax and you can order it from TEE PEE RECORDS.