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When a band comes from Sweden by the name of ASTEROID, I expect the next slab of 70's infected heavy fuzz rock, and that's exactely the music one can listen to on their latest release. I'm not sure, if this is "only" a demo or a proper release, but for the recordings of the four songs the band entered the semi-legendary Bombshelter studios, where also bands like Truckfighters have recorded their last full-length "Gravity X".

Due to this visit, the entire production is very good, and gives the right shape to the here presented four cuts. For my taste, ASTEROID have their strongest moments, when they focuse more on early-70's heavy rock, especially because the mighty vocals have a strong bluesy edge. Most of the songs are played in slow or mid-tempo pace, what is a bit boring after a while, and I think it's helpful to improve the songwriting here. ASTEROID have a very one-dimensional sound, what is not that bad, because I like minimalistic bands, but they need better songs ideas. And they can do better, as they prove it with "On the Planet" or "2029 A.D."! A nice release for a young underground band, but I miss an own identity, what makes it pretty hard in current times to stick out of the mass of average fuzz rock bands.