Areknamés (s/t) LP/CD

This Italian three-piece takes the listener back to the golden years of hard progressive Rock, when bands like Caravan, Czar, Nucleus, Beggars Opera or Comus f.e. released their legendary records. I'm writing about the early 70's, where record-labels like Vertigo f.e. had found a lot of open-minded listeners, and it's astonishing to listen, how authentic Areknamés have captured this vibe, without sounding old-fashioned or boring for a minute.

I ain't got a clue, if this is their debut, but however, this guys are playing on a virtous technical level and everything is worked out very well. And they grap my complete attention, when they play heavier, what brings early King Crimson or High Tide in my mind. This is excellent heavy psychedelic progressive Heavy Rock with a dark vibe, and there aren't to many bands out there, who are playing in the same league like this guys. Thanks to Black Widow Records for releasing this pearl!