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Tee Pee Records describes the new album of AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR with the words: "Pure punkadelic". For me, it pure boredom-a-delic, although they are heavily influenced by The Stooges (and I'm a total Stooges maniac). But what is the point of rehashing Ron Asheton-riffs, if you're not able to write good songs. Most of the included 10 songs sound very similar and there is often a lack of power and energy.

In addition, there's is no trace of psychedelica. But we live in times where 'psychedelic' is a much-abused term as well as 'doom' and 'rock 'n' roll'. I am not surprised therefore that AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR is sorted into this category, since there's some reverb on the vocals and guitars. And sometimes a sitar appears. Oh yeah, all that is incredibly psychedelic. If I sound ironic, then it is intended.

To make things even more boring AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR have made the decision to integrate some occult issues into their music. At the present time, where occult rock bands are extremely fashionable, I'm pretty sure that AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR will make some new friends with their Punch and Judy show, because a million flies can't be wrong. The lame vocals are a further low point. They have no recognition value and no attitude. But actually, the whole band has no attitude. 'Third' is just another faceless album and therefore I suggest you not to waste your money for it. There are much better bands around.