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ANTLER (Nothing That A Bullet Couldn't Cure) CD

Since a long time, I wondered what happened with Roadsaw. For my taste, this group was always more interesting than all the Kyuss and Fu Manchu-worshippin bands, and especially Roadsaw's smokin' live shows were extremely powerful.  As I hold the new ANTLER disc in my hands, I get an answer to my question, because 2/3 of the ANTLER line-up consist of ex-Roadsaw members, including powerhouse vocalist Craig Riggs. This is their second album, but ANTLER's sound reminds me only temporary to old Roadsaw. Everything's here more relaxed, calmer, and melancholy and the group is stronger influenced from radio-friendly bluesy hardrock. It may sounds worser than it is, although, for example,  the ballad  'A River Underground' is not far away from complete kitsch.

But on the whole, this six-piece group created a very atmospheric and blues-drenched album, that grows with the help of additional instruments like hammond organ and a brass-section. The thoughtful song arrangements bring back the psychedelic Beatles at times, without losing the bluesy context. Even when ANTLER isn't as heavy as Roadsaw, they still capable of integrating fat riffs as in 'Deep in a Hole' or 'Black Eyed Stranger'. I'm not totally convinced, but the reason is simple - this is not the kind of music I really prefer. But that shouldn't stop you in checking out ANTLER!