ANTICLIMAX (At The Mountains Of Noid) MCD-R

This ambitious trio, hailing from Swansea, UK, have unleashed their second demo and one's for sure, musicwise they are destroying everything that stands in their way. And this is no exaggeration! Strongly influenced by legendary hardcore acts like Electro Hippies, Extreme Noise Terror or Ripcord f.e. ANTICLIMAX have add a stronger metal edge, and drenched this bulldozing mash in a bath of doom and crust.

The result is brutal heavy, intense as hell, and the sub-human vocal assault of guitarist Greg can only be described as merciless. From the first track "Earn Your Spurs" to the ending of the fifth cut "Struggle Of Years" the sound is highy aggressive and untamed like a bunch of wild dogs. This kicks proverbial ass, pure 'n' simpel. Gladly, the entire recording suffers not from a bad mix (though the drums could have been more upfront), and emphasizes the flame thrower-like energy of ANTICLIMAX. And "At The Mountains Of Noid" yet never lacking that hint of a melody as "Grow To Time" f.e., especially the interwoven guitar solo. Can we call this sludge? Who cares - at least, ANTICLIMAX are a strong destructive force to be reckoned with and I hope they soonly have the attention to record their first full-length!