ANCESTORS (Invisible White) 12"/MCD

With this new EP, ANCESTORS have delved even deeper into the progressive rock world, although the term 'rock' is here - if at all - only true in a restricted sense. Progressive folk psych hits the mark best if one would like to describe the first two songs of 'Invisible White'. It starts with the title track and it is immediately noticeable that there are no heavy riffs or distorted guitars, but a lot of acoustic guitars, violins and a piano. The vocals are almost as fragile as the whole song while a keyboard adds a psychedelic flair in the background. Melancholy drips from my speakers and I feel the need to drink a bottle of red wine, which clearly shows that ANCESTORS manage with verve and lightness to create a dreamlike atmosphere.

It continues with the second track 'Dust' that preserves the autumnal mood of the prior track. The instrumentation is a little different than before, whereas the wonderful singing lines remind me of late-1960's Beach Boys who had been prescribed a daily dose of strong tranquillizers. Here, too, it is obvious that ANCESTORS have a weakness for the 1960's, without being backward-looking or oldfashioned. Furthermore, they allow themselves enough time so that the songs can unfold their effect unobtrusively and slowly.

This is particularly the case for the third and last track 'Epilogue' which is more dramatic and gloomy than the first two cuts. It probably comes closest to the last album 'Of Sound Mine', especially since here are a few distorted guitar riffs. Apart from that, 'Epilogue' has similarities to mid-1970's Pink Floyd due to the extensive guitar solo. Thus it is no wonder, that there are no vocals because they would have been out of place. In addition, the creativity and richness of instrumentation leaves no boring time for the listener. Personally, I like 'Invisible White' more than anything else I heard from ANCESTORS and I wouldn't have anything against a whole album in this style. This is the perfect soundtrack for this particular autumn and the playing time of 29:10 minutes should be an additional buying incentive.