ANCESTORS (In Dreams And Time) LP/CD

More 1970's progressive rock and still no end in sight. However, ANCESTORS must be given credit for adding a modern element to the old bombast. In connection with that, it can never be wrong to mention later Neurosis and particularly the first track, 'Whispers' serves as proof for that. However, ANCESTORS' fourth release 'In Dreams And Time' delves deeper into 1970's prog rock realms than 'Of Sound Mind'. Simply said, there are less growling vocals and more Pink Floyd influences. Anyone, though, who has always been attracted by the oppressive heaviness of ANCESTORS will also enjoy this album.

I personally think that the whole mixture leads to a substantially consistent result, contrary to the previous full-length 'Of Sound Mind' that I didn't like too much. Having said that, I must say that 'In Dreams And Time' contains also some aimlessly long songs as for example 'First Light'. The songs kicks off very nicely with layers of riffs, trippy effects, and a hammond organ as well, but after some minutes the band get lost in the jungle of corny 1970's prog and remains there for almost 15 minutes. Sorry, that is definitely too much for me. It might be different if I would be a total prog boy, but I am more a friend of other musical styles. That stuff is just too epic.

Nevertheless, I must admit that ANCESTORS do their job well. They offer a new approach to the old prog sounds instead of only repeating the formula of bands like King Crimson or Pink Floyd. This is modern progressive rock and if you like ANCESTORS, 'In Dreams And Time' will surely not disappoint you. To me this album is partially too pompous, but I never was a huge fan of Pink Floyd and Neurosis. It comes full circle.