AMULET was formed in Evansville, Indiana during the autumn of 1978. At first they performed cover material from Robin Trower, Pat Travers, UFO, Hendrix, ZZ Top, Van Halen and other artists. By mid 1979 they began performing several original songs in its set and the following of fans steadily grows. In the spring of 1980 the band finally went into the studio and began to track it´s original compositions. On a small budget the band recorded, mastered and pressed it's music on LP's without any overdubs and the album was self-released in the summer of 1980.

Although the biggest local radio station played the song "Just Like A Woman" over and over and huge labels like MCA or Warner were expressing their interest there wasn't still not enough interest in the music of AMULET. So the band broke up in 1981 and the self-released album became a rare item. And now you may ask how they are sounding? AMULET play Hardrock with a few progressive influence. Sometimes the music reminds me to Unorthodox, while the vocals are more sleazy. They weren't as heavy as many of the legendary acts of the early 70's, but still hard enough to be not labeled as an AOR act. The CD includes nine interesting songs are highly informative liner notes and some nice live shots of AMULET. If you're into 70's underground Hardrock acts, I give the advice to check out AMULET, it's well worth. You can order this disc directly at Monster Records.