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AMONG THE MISSING (Disorder Of The Templar) CD

I have to admit that I discovered the English band AMONG THE MISSING much too late, but otherwise it's never too late to discover an superb band. Maybe it's also a good excuse to mention that guitarist Donny Hopkins sent me their albums a few years later since they've been released. By the way, I don't accuse him for that. Well, enough of my ramblings - let's switch over to 'Disorder of the Templar', released in 2005 on Withered Hand Records. When I put the silver disc into my player and listened to the entire album, it was one of the rare moments when I instantly fell in love with that sound. Since that moment nothing has changed and I confess that I won't live without 'Disorder of the Templar'. AMONG THE MISSING has managed to create an explosive and aggressive heavy sound, that could easily be classified as sludge, but that wouldn't be accurate. This has also a kind of crust, thrash feel that is a bit hard to describe. The fact is, that this is a band with a lot more to offer than the usual EyeHateGod/Grief rip-off sound. While other bands lose themselves in an endless succession of heavy riffs, AMONG THE MISSING focus their attention on memorable songs without losing their relentless brutality.

'Spider Web' or 'Ten Pounds of Fuck' are counted among the best brutal songs I've heard in awhile. This is the kind of music where you can let it all hang out and forget about the daily shit in your life. Kevin Gardner and Donny Hopkins are playing some shredding metal riffs while a tight rhythm section provides a strong backbone. The band busts out into a fast-paced part whenever it's necessary, but they've included a lot of extremely fast songs here what makes the album refreshing and varied. Obviously AMONG THE MISSING has also a preference for early Black Sabbath and it's very nice to hear how they've integrated those Iommi-like riffs into their abrasive sound. Vocalist Tim Holehouse delivers a large vocal range, but he's not the only singer on this album, and the band invited a couple of guest vocalists like Heck Armstrong (ex-Hangnail/End Of Level Boss) or Nick D. Sharpe. The most depressive track on the album is the hidden bonus cut, where the band destroys all hope with the help of feedback and psychotic vocals. 'Disorder of the Templar' is a mind-pulverizing release.