ALUNAH (Fall To Earth) 10"/MCD

Sometimes it can happen that a new band release their first album, and after an extensive listening sessions you find out that it would've been better for that band not to release a full-length but only a 7" or a 10" just because most of the included material is embryonic. UK's ALUNAH (formerly known as ALUNA) avoid this mistake, because 'Fall To Earth' is a solid record I can enjoy from start to finish. The first time I've listen to one of their songs was on the 'Sound Of The Catacombs' compilation, but I wasn't overly excited about it. Well, it was one year ago and the band further developed their sound. These greater efforts could explain the better results, because all three cuts are pure ear candy, as long as you like a very laid-back combination of heavy rock, doom and psychedelic. Maybe ALUNAH would sound more aggressive with male vocals, but the languorous vocal style of Sophie has become the trademark of the band. The vinyl version of 'Fall To Earth' consists of four songs and has been released by Nasoni Records, whereas the CD edition simply consists of three songs. If you're looking for a easily digestible heavy sound with nice melodies than I warmly recommend 'Fall To Earth' to you.