ALIX (Ground) CD

What for a great band! Italy's ALIX is a heavy psychedelic rock outfit and my newest discovery. With melancholy bursts of beauty, spaced-out guitar patterns and a combination of 60's and 70's sensibilities the band sweep the canvas clean and paint a new picture of various and subtle contrasts. The intense and hypnotic vocals of Alice Albertazzi merged with a driving rhythm section to create their own atmospheric tripped-out heavy rock. With male vocals ALIX would be also an interesting band, but Alice vocals are the extra special cream whip here. Franco Romanelli's pile driving bass fuelling ALIX with a turbo-charged groove power, and is beautifully embedded in the entire sound. Guitarist Pippo de Palma knows to impress with his unique guitarplaying.

Instead of just doing the necessary heavy riffs he create some sort of sonic fields within the sound. And not to forget skinsman Andrea Insulla who's also doing a great job. To speak about the songs I like to pick out a few, but this aren't the only diamonds of the album. "Love" is full of beauty and soft imaginative harmony, while "Ground" or "I'll Be Gone" f.e. draw on heavier roots. I could go on and on.....This is one of the very few albums I can put into my player without just searching out 2 or 3 tracks. And I like the positive and uplifting vibe ALIX are spreading with their music. Beautiful music no one should be without!!! Check out the band's homepage and take a look at the site from Go Down Records.