ALIX (Good 1) CD

The Italian band ALIX became popular here in Germany, when they supported Place Of Skulls and The Hidden Hand on their tours in 2004. For me it was also the first time I heard this band, although they've been together since 1997. Their earthy groove-driven heavy rock sounded fresh and singer Alice Albertazzi formed a contrast with her expressive vocal style. In 2004 ALIX also released their fourth album 'Ground', that still belongs to my favourite heavy rock albums from Italy. Now after four years the band returns with a new full-length, entitled 'Good 1' and a few things have changed.

Most noticeably is the fact that their sound has lost some weight. Maybe one of the reasons is also the dynamic production of Steve Albini, but it's more likely that the band wasn't interested in recording something like 'Ground 2'. Further variations can be be found in the arrangements, which are not only based on heavy blues. I located splinters of funk, country, and 60's garage rock, but it matches perfectly.

Apart from that it's still the unmistakeable ALIX sound, that is dominated by a well-oiled, compelling groove and, of course Alice' characteristical vocals. 'Without You' was refined with some excellent slide guitar, something that the band did very often on stage during their tours. Other songs as for example 'Emotion', 'Not Too Far' or 'Don't Run Ahead' convince me with their wonderful melodies. The last and tenth track is 'Bianco E Nero', sung in native language with slight psychedelic undertones. The slide guitar returns while jazzy, funky grooves make sure that the song is moving ahead. This is a worthy closure for a stunning album. 'Good 1' emanates a relaxed and positive vibe, and is a very cool affair, sometimes comparable with the music from Brant Bjork. The packaging is also very nice with a gatefold sleeve and additional lyric sheet, in a limited edition of 500 copies (released by Treblelabel Records).