A rock band stands and falls with the singer and there is nothing new about this. The music can be as good as you like, but all that is of no use if you could not make friends with the vocals. Exactly this is my problem with ALEX CAROLE & THE CRUSH. After only a short time, the vocals bother me. That is unfortunate because the songs are not bad. Unlike other groups on Transubstans Records, ALEX CAROLE & THE CRUSH have nothing to do with heavy 1970s rock. There are no blues-drenched riffs and no progressive song structures or anything similar. Even though they show a slight 1970s influence, they feel more at home in the world of power pop.

Well, I have to admit that I was never interested in that genre, even if that kind of music is partially influenced by the 1960's. And 'Vol.1' reminds me again why this is the case. For my mind there's is simply too much pop in most of the tracks. Aside from this I don't like the wacky vocal style. There are moments on this album when I would like to force the singer to swallow two packs of valium. The thing I like the best about ALEX CAROLE & THE CRUSH are those tracks where they are coming closer to bands such as New York Dolls or The Heartbreakers. Unfortunately, rock 'n' roll does not play an important role on 'Vol.1', so that my enjoyment is kept within limits. Well, more doesn't come into my mind, and I shall therefore finish this review.