AFTER ALL / RAM (The Devil's Pathway / Sea Of Skulls) Split-7" EP

Wow, what for an amazing EP! This is my first meeting with the Belgium band AFTER ALL, but both cuts are just excellent. They play an effective mixture of good old Speed Metal as it was played by early Running Wild or Hallows Eve and powerful Heavy Metal. Although the sound isn't really the best, it's still very enjoyable to listen to the songs. 'In the Grip of Evil' is the opener and it's a cover-version of Cyclone, who've been one of the best Speed Metal bands from Belgium. It's been a long time ago, since I had listen to the original song, but this is more than a solid tribute. AFTER ALL have a ripping guitarsound, and a charismatic vocalist who's doing a good job. 'The Devil's Pathway' is the second track, that starts very eerie before it explodes into a straight speed-driven Metal song. Well done, guys! On the flipside of this EP, we have the Swedish band RAM, who are my personal favourites here. This is skull-crushing stuff that takes no prisoners and both songs, entitled 'Sea of Skulls' and 'In League with Satan' are totally recommended. RAM don't show any weakness, and they rule at every pace. Both songs have been recorded in 2005 and it's good that they are finally released. Metal Coven Records prove that the metal underground is still vital and alive! Like all of their releases, this EP contains two sheets with a lot of additional informations and so you shouldn't hesitate in buying this item!