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ACID SOUNDS VOL. 1 (Vincebus Eruptum Compilation) CD

Usually I don't write reviews about CD supplements, but this one is pretty nice and, therefore, I will make an exception. 'Acid Sounds Vol.1' is part of the current limited issue N°12 of Vincebus Eruptum, which is probably the oldest print magazine in Europe in terms of psychedelic and heavy rock. The first issue has been released in 1999, which incidentally was also the year in which Cosmic Lava was born. Since then, Vincebus Eruptum stands for quality and has become a vital reading for all lovers of heavy psych.

N°12 is now the first issue that comes with a CD. Nowadays these CD supplements are no longer something special and the best repository for these discs is the trash can. But 'Acid Sounds Vol.1' won't share that fate. The reasons for this are as follows: firstly, it isn't crammed full of bands that are trying to imitate Kyuss and, secondly, a couple of tracks are previously unreleased. I think, that's definitely very important for a successful compilation. And last but not least, some of the included songs are particularly good.

The following bands are represented here: CORE ('Mood Disorder' is the weirdest track I've ever heard of that New Jersey band), OJM, THAT'S ALL FOLKS! ('Hypnotic Pulse' is one of the best cuts here, reminding me that this was a great band), THE FREEKS (another highlight), TECTONIC BREAK (they were also on the first marvellous 'Sucking the 70's' compilation), E.X.P. (another unreleased track from one of my favourite Italian heavy rockers - a pity they broke up), VIC DU MONTE'S PERSONA NON GRATA, VIBRAVOID ('Photosynthesis In Darkness' is another killer tune from Germany's best psychedelic rock band), ZIPPO, COLT38 and ELECTRIC MOON (it would have been nice to hear an unreleased song, because 'Trip Trip Trip' is from their split-12" with Glowsun. Nevertheless, a very good tune). Overall, 'Acid Sounds Vol.1' is a varied affair and shows the broad range of heavy rock and heavy psychedelica in these times. Well done!